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Welcome to the home of Hoofinit Farm.  We are here to present a unique novelty gift Funny Faced Fertilizer, made in America by our donkey, horse and mules. (our half-ass Producers)

These products are hot off the farm created by our master craftsmen, Muley pictured above.


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Made from 100% miniature Donkey, Mule and Horse manure, commonly referred to as Road Apples.  They are a unique noveltiy gift of painted fertilizer novelty gift product approximately 1x1 to 2x3 inches in size.  Each peice of fertilizer is sealed in Polyurethane and completely orderless.  They will all have blue eyes, red lips, smoking a cigarette shaped toothpick and wearing a denim hat.


Funny Faced Fertilizer novelty gift starts with the finest grown hay in the area mixed with select nutritious foods to produce the finest quality manure in which to work with...  Truely Gift Quality.

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